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Syrahs and Rhones

Bacchus we thank who gave us wine
Which warms the blood within our veins;
That nectar is itself divine.
The man who drinks not, yet attains
By godly grace to human rank
Would be an angel if he drank.

Pierre Motin
French drinking song

BINSyrah, Petite and OtherwiseYEARPRICE  
70Syrah, Antiqv2s, Pisoni Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands by Miura Vineyards200650
71Syrah, Melville, Estate, Verna's, Santa Barbara County200960
74Syrah, Melville, Syrah, Donna's Santa Rita Hills2008110
75Syrah, Plumpjack, Syrah, Napa201076
76John Duval Wines, Entity, Shiraz, Barossa, Australia200972
78Austin Hope, Syrah, Hope Family Vineyard, Paso Robles200495
86Molly Dooker, Blue Eyed Boy, Shiraz, McLaren Vale, Australia 2011150
79*Syrah, Domaine De La Terre Rouge, Ascent, Sierra Foothills 92 RP2001110
80Syrah, Domaine De La Terre Rouge, Ascent, Sierra Foothills 91 RP2002120
81**Syrah, Pharaoh Moans, Paso Robles2006300
82Petite Sirah, Foppiano Vineyards, Estate, Russian River200936
84Petite Sirah, Biale Vineyards, Basic Black, Rutherford, Napa200884
Rhone Rangers and Fun New World Reds
50Four Vines, Peasant, Mourvdra , Syrah Grenache, Counoise, Tannat, Paso Robles200779
51Villa Creek, Mas de Maha, Tempranillo, Grenache, Mourvdra, Carignan, Paso Robles 200869
52Villa Creek, Avenger, Syrah, Mourvdra, Grenache, Paso Robles200869
53Villa Creek, Bte Noir, Syrah and Mourvdra, Paso Robles200889
54Villa Creek Granacha, Denner Vineyard, Paso Robles200869
55Villa Creek, Willow Creek CuvŽe, Grenache, Mourvdre, Syrah, Paso Robles200760
58Villa Creek, High Road, James Berry, Syrah, Grenache, Mourvdre, Paso Robles200870